Know About Properties And Applications Of Alumina Ceramics

Know About Properties And Applications Of Alumina Ceramics

Alumina is one of the most important materials which is used for the manufacturing of ceramic components. Alumina seems very cost-effective materials used for several applications. It is because the raw material used for their production is quite inexpensive and affordable. Thus, it is preferably used for manufacturing many other products.

The elaborated name of alumina is aluminium oxide, it is a material that contains very strong ionic interatomic bonding that further exhibits a wide range of properties. It is available in various phases. Among all its phases, an alpha phase is the strongest and most durable. Alpha phase alumina possesses the highest strength and is thus frequently used among various industries. 

Alumina possesses various physical properties that are ideally used for the manufacturing of ceramic components. The material is quite hard-wearing and highly durable and possesses a great combination of physical strength along with resistance to various chemicals. The material also possesses great thermal conductivity and dielectric properties. Due to its wide-ranging purities and extensive ability to get shaped, it is used for various applications in different industries. 

Alumina ceramic components are popularly used for structural applications. The main reasons behind this benefit are the properties like low density, high-temperature resistance and toughness that it bears. In the industry, its main usage is as bearing components and oil refractory situations like crucibles and furnaces. Additionally, they also used in the industries like automotive and aerospace industries to manufacture a range of components. 

Alumina ceramics are mostly used in the medical industry to manufacture prosthetic limbs and joints. Specifically, in the case of hip replacements, alumina is used because of its hard-wearing properties to ideally replace the hip joints. Also, this has great use in the military sphere for ballistic armour that makes alumina an ideal solution for making armouring vehicles.

Physical Properties and Natural Occurrence

Alumina naturally occurs in crystalline form and is also called corundum. It is highly used in manufacturing various kinds of rubies and sapphires. It possesses great usage in producing aluminium products. The aluminium is very coarse. Its most natural crystalline creation is Corundum. It is used in the formation of the materials such as rubies and sapphires that are popular gemstones. Its natural colour exists merely because of the few impurities that it bears. Rubies possess red bright colour because of the presence of chromium. The sapphires are also available in different colours because of the presence of the impurities that exist in the form of titanium and iron. Also, it has a great refractory medium and a high melting point. 

Industrial Applications of Alumina

The alumina is popularly used as filler material in the industries. It is chemically sluggish and is white. It is one of the common ingredients used as sunscreen in the field of cosmetics. It has its popular use in nail polish and lipsticks.

The alumina possesses countless applications just because of its wide-ranging properties like mechanical strength, toughness and sturdiness. Its other properties like thermal stability make it appropriate for several applications in industries that range from oil-drilling to aerospace and the military.