The Quickest & Easiest Way for New Plantation Shutters

The Quickest & Easiest Way for New Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are greatly sought after because they go with traditional and modern decor styles and are of great utility. You can control the amount of light that enters the room and thus save the cost of window fabrics and drapes.You can also choose the size of individual louvers as this single detail makes a great shift in the look. Larger louvers give a modern, elegant and airy look.On the other hand smaller louvers are a tradition and classic choice.

Different types of plantation shutters

These shutters come in three different materials: vinyl, composite and wood. Vinyl shutters are the least expensive. They can contain wood or aluminium of PVC supports to hold on its weight. Some varieties of vinyl plantation shutters come in really cheap. However, such choices when installed for large windows can have structural issues. Cheap, lightweight or hollow vinyl shutters are great but they come with size limitations as they are not sturdy in large shapes. On the other hand composite shutters are made to give the look of a fake wood but are actually a MDF fibre wrapped in PVC coating. Composite shutters are resistant to humidity and offer a good alternative to wood while giving the same look. Lastly there are wood plantation shutters that come in custom shapes and sizes and look the most elegant. Wood can be painted,stained in the color you want it to be.

Where to buy plantation shutters ?

You can buy shutters from a hardware store, order them online or even have them custom made depending on the dimensions and style you want. Checking it out at your local hardware store will give you a good idea of exactly what you are looking for. We recommend talking to people to review shutter specifications that will meet your needs. Look for stores that will give a wholesale rate. Custom blinds or shutters is another feature that you could look into. If you already are in touch with an interior designer or architect you can give them your specifications and ask them to source the shutters. Lastly, Etsy is also a cool place to check into for unique shutters and blinds to match it.

How to install interior plantation shutters ?

You can always ask a carpenter or other expert for help. But installing an interior plantation shutter is not as difficult as it sounds. We would recommend that you should embark on this task after being fully aware of your own skills, capabilities and experience. The first step is measuring your window. Always take a measurement so that you know what shutter size to buy that will fit your window. You can also buy 1⁄8 inch filler strips along with the shutters to adjust the width or can be used as a template as you decide where and how to fit the shutters. The measure your shutters as well to see whether they will fit with the window well. The last step is mounting the shutters and screwing the pre-drilled holes.