Tips To Effectively Control Legionella

Tips To Effectively Control Legionella

Before we move further with our discussion regarding tips to be followed to control Legionella, it is imperative to know what Legionella actually means. Legionella is basically water borne disease that is caused due to development of bacteria of the same name in water. The apt conditions for growth of the said bacteria are availability of nutrients and temperature ranges between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius. Development of this disease due to consumption or coming in contact with contaminated water may result in fatal type of pneumonia. That is why it is important and in fact necessary to make sure that you take apt measures for Legionella control. We are listing below some tips that may help you to serve this purpose well:-

Maintain proper water temperature 

For effective Legionella control, it is important that normal and proper water temperature must be maintained. It is equally true for both hot and cold water systems at your place. For hot water systems, you must maintain water temperature at 60 degrees or more. Likewise, cold water systems should be maintained at a temperature less than 20 degrees. It prevents bacterial growth.

Keep pipe work direct and short

It is also important that you must keep the water pipes as direct and short as possible. This way the chances of water stagnation at any place inside the pipe system are ruled out. Also it helps in maintaining the requisite temperature all through the pipes and the water system. Thus you may control Legionella quite effectively.

Insulation of pipes and tanks is important 

All the pipes and tanks involved in the water system at your place must be well-insulated. By properly insulating the pipes and the water tanks, you may rule out chances of any temperature fluctuations in the water system. It is vital to ensure prohibition of bacterial growth.

Use materials for prohibition of bacterial growth 

For water storage and supply purposes, use of such materials is recommended that are helpful in prohibiting bacterial growth. By using such materials, the chances of bacterial growth are reduced to great extents.

Take measures to prevent water contamination 

Use of lids and covers to safeguard the water tanks and other storage devices helps in prevention of contamination of the water system with bacteria. This in turn helps in Legionella control.

Facilitated by these tips, you may very effectively control Legionella in the water system at your place and thus ensure safety and protection against various health issues.