10 Crafty, Creative Rum Label Ideas

10 Crafty, Creative Rum Label Ideas

Labels carry major importance in the field of the marketing industry. It conveys the right information such as specialties, price, ingredients and more. So naturally, customers tend to look at the label while buying a product. This is why today marketers are more concerned with the presentation of products’ labels. And the liquor industry is also not different. It also requires creative labeling to steal customers’ attention. So are you looking for some crafty creative Rum labeling ideas? Well, we have got you covered here:-

Art Deco- Rum is the most traditional and sophisticated drink. So let its label remain classy with Art Deco design. This design looks classy yet trendy. It also reflects the culture of American bars through its graphical presentation.

Art Nouveau- Some things never lose their charms. Nouveau is one of those things. It’s an old school design that still grabs people’s attention. It’s a bold and classic design that perfectly goes well with the theme of rum’s labeling.  

Minimal- We all have heard this quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. So let’s follow it to design some eye-catching rum labels. Keep it very simple. Do not add any colourful pictures. Rather focus on the typeface. This will go perfectly with a traditional drink like Rum.

Hass Rum- This label has been designed beautifully by adding the history of Rum. The whole history has been written shortly yet beautifully with white colour that looks eye-catching in all the ways.

Vintage Rum- Another way to create a bold and classy statement is using a vintage flavour. Rum is basically a classic hard drink that gets perfectly fitted with this type of labeling.

Illustration- What if you could create an illuminating effect through your rum labels. It brings a luxurious and stylish appearance. Also, it reflects the descriptions listed in the label very clearly.

The Light Background And Bold Foreground- This is another mind-blowing idea to design the rum’s bottle label. In the background add a simple design or write the brand name with light colours. But the foreground must reflect the strong effect this drink has. Keep it bold or bright by using a meaningful strong line.

Retro Effect- If you want to give your rum’s bottle a classy bold effect then go for Retro. The charm of a retro label has enough to impress the customers. So, keep this on your count.

Go Green- You can simply make it look more naturalistic yet unique by adding a green flavour. This doesn’t require a lot of art. Just make the background green and write the name of the brand in a simple manner.

Join The Club- Last but not least way to generate a creative label is to follow the tagline “Join the Club.” It makes the label look cool yet very much sophisticated.

Hope you find our ideas interesting and unique. Now it’s your call to give the final look.