A Step By Step Guide for Installing a Trolley Shelter

A Step By Step Guide for Installing a Trolley Shelter

To survive in this competitive market, your business has to constantly update the experience you are providing your customers. If you have a shop front or a super mart, you will be surprised by the level of ease in management you can get by just adding a trolley shelter to your shop. Not only will this addition be inexpensive but also add to the efficiency of your day to day shop operations. Not to mention that it will greatly enhance the experience for your shopper. They will not have to wait in line or be disappointed due to unavailability of trolleys when they are shopping in a hurry.

However, this is not all, with this guide you will know the exact steps to installing trolley shelters for your shop. Imagine an addition that can have such a huge impact on increasing your shop’s competitive edge over the other businesses around you. Why would you not give this move a chance?

Why Do You Need A Trolley Shelter?

Saving Shop Space

 The trolleys in a shop are bulky but extremely important for shopping experience. If you have been parking your trolleys within the shop, it is unnecessarily taking up space. Adding a shelter will help you save shop space that you can use to add more racks and product displays.


A trolley shelter can be locked to keep your trolleys safe against any intruders or theft.

User Accessible 

Your shoppers will not run out of trolleys or will have to wait in line to get a trolley for their experience anymore. They can simply grab one from the shelter and proceed to shopping within the shop.

Steps To Trolley Shelter Installation

  1. The very first step to adding trolley shelters to your shop is to measure out the available space in front of your shop. This will give you an idea of how large a shelter you can allow.
  2. Hiring an installation company is definitely the next step. However, for this, you also have to know your available budget and the features of the trolley shelter that you are looking for.
  3. Compare prices and features of each installation company that you have shortlisted. This will help you choose the company with the best offer.
  4. Once you have hired the installation company, consult with them to get some professional idea on which type of shelter can best manage the available space to store the maximum trolleys possible.
  5. Make sure to also discuss the decorative features of the design, because it will be the first thing that your shoppers see when they park in front of your store.
  6. Once the installation is completed, make sure to have a dry run by storing the shelter with trolleys at capacity. Check whether it is difficult for shoppers to access the trolleys or store them properly.
  7. Finally, make sure to double check the security of the shelter and the lock mechanism. If there are any concerns, speak to your installation company to have it fixed before the project is declared as complete.

Once you have your trolley shelter in place, you can use it to increase efficiency of your shop. Just watch how the installation makes the entire shopping experience much smoother for your customers.