Reasons To Select A Tar-And-Chip Driveway For You

Reasons To Select A Tar-And-Chip Driveway For You

If you have been hunting for an informal and affordable paving material, then going with tar-and-chip pavement can truly be an ideal option indeed. It is time to go ahead and choose the best option for you called Tar and Chip.

Excellent And Outstanding Design And Appearance

Tar and Chip driveway is known for holding a distinctly rural appearance. They are known for working well in rural areas or unstructured environments. It can truly be a good paving material for areas having long driveways since they are cost effective.

Since the top layer of tar and chip driveway is truly made up of crushed stone, they initially resemble gravel walkways. It can truly be distinguished from asphalt most following its smooth black shape which contrasts with its beige, gray, tan, slightly orange appearance.

Saying Yes To Traction

Tar and Chip driveway are comparable to asphalt in the context of surface traction except from its capacity to support larger loads. While utilizing tar and chip as the substance, you would be able to anticipate an automobile gliding having no bumps.

Find Convenience And Comfort

The tar-and-chip paving’ roughness is in order to improve traction following slippery or snow-covered surfaces. The best thing is that compared to tar and chip, asphalt and concrete are quite slick.

Maintenance And Repair Next On The List

Tar and chip driveways need a bit of maintenance. It does not need as much sealing as asphalt and little cracks generally mend on their own. Moreover, adding more hot bitumen as well as loose stone to the surface will truly renew it roughly every 10 years. Snow Plows which push quite hard risk scraping the tar-and-chip paving’s rough surface. A shovel or snow blower probably is preferable to a plow if you can easily maintain the blade just above the surface.

What About The Installation Of Tar-And-Chip

The most important thing is that most hard surfaces including ancient tar, concrete, tarmac and so on are laid with tar and chip if they hold a good shape. The excellent tar and chip help a lot to understand in a better way.

Do You Require Drainage For A Driveway Of Tar And Chips

The most important thing is that it is quite important in the context of compliance with UK requirements. Your driveway should display proof of appropriate drainage. Tar and Chip surfaces are not inherently permeable and that’s why it is to create a chip driveway and you must make arrangements for sufficient drainage.


It is not ideal to direct the water to a stream or garden, you are required to hire a contractor to go with a basic drainage system.