Ways To Make Your Blinds Look Aesthetic

Ways To Make Your Blinds Look Aesthetic

Blinds are definitely very useful for your home- it gives you privacy, controls the amount of natural light coming inside, and also saves on your energy bills. But when it comes to aesthetics, people are unsure how it can elevate their interior decor. Most of the blinds have this plastic construction, which looks outdated and can even hamper the overall feel of your interiors. But that does not decrease the functionality of the blinds, and we will not tell you not to put on blinds for aesthetic reasons. Instead, some simple solutions can elevate the appearance and make everything look classy in combination. In this article, we will discuss some easy tricks that will reduce the impact of your blinds.


Blinds that are too short or too long for your windows not only look bad, but they might not be able to give you the maximum functionality. Instead, go for made to measure blinds in Essex. They are made exactly according to the shape and size of your windows and thus would look better.

Open Wide

Once you get your made to measure blinds in Essex, it is now the time to use them effectively to reduce their impact. Open the blinds wide or pull them up if you want a clean look. This design trick will help to minimize the impact of the blind, and you will also get plenty of sunlight inside your house.

And if you want privacy or think the natural light is too much for you, then pull the blinds down. Do not keep the blinds hanging in between; that looks the worst. By putting it up or down, the blinds can either disappear or blend easily with the interior architecture.

Green Thumb

Trust us, everything looks better with plants, and that would include your window treatment as well. When your blinds stay down for privacy, you can line the windowsill with little hedges of grass or architectural plants. This would help create cleaner lines anchoring the windows. Your beautiful plants are perfectly capable of taking the attention away from the blinds. Also, keeping plants in your apartment has several health benefits too.

Layering Up

You can always layer up the blinds with some beautiful curtains. Interior decorators these days recommend layering up blinds with curtains in a single space. The choice of the curtain should match your interiors- if you like a crisp and modern look, opt for line drapes. Electric velvets would give a more electric look. So make your choice wisely. Do not pull out your old curtain instead, invest in some beautiful new ones.

These are some of the easy ways in which you can elevate the look of your blinds and aesthetically blend them with your interiors. That too, on a budget.