What Type Of Care Options Are There For Elderly Relatives?

What Type Of Care Options Are There For Elderly Relatives?

As relatives get older, there comes a time when they may not be able to look after themselves. As a result, it may be time to find a carer or a care home that they can live with or move in to, to provide the level of care that they need regularly, but which is right for them? To help you decide, we have outlined a few care options that are available to you as well as the needs that they can cater too. 

Live-In Care 

For those that require companionship as well as a high level of daily care, the use of a live-in carer is the best options. Though it is one of the priciest on this list, it is ensuring that your loved one has a carer on hand at every point in the day whilst giving them the luxury to still stay at home and live out their lives within their own home. This is a benefit to those that only require the basic level of care as it does not require the stress of moving. 

Personal Care

This level of care is on hand to provide care for those that find personal tasks much more difficult. Whether this is getting dressed in the morning, making food or even bathing, the patient will either be required to live in a care home or have visitors go to them three times per day to provide the level of care that is required. 

Care Homes 

Unlike the previous types of care that have been mentioned on this list, the use of care homes requires the resident to live in a designated location in order for them to gain access to the care they need. With several care homes  and many others around, this is perhaps the most common form f care that is used by many families . 

Nursing Homes 

For those that are looking for care that is slightly more specialised, there are a number of nursing homes that have specially trained staff in a welcoming environment that is perfect for those with dementia and other illnesses that are set to worsen over time. These homes are often some of the most secure homes and are on hand to ensure that those with these illnesses can live their lives in a secure environment that is not only comfortable for them but ideal for family members when they come and visit. 

 Respite Home Care 

The final form of care that is perfect for many families up and the respite care home. These are specially designed to give those that are caring for their loved one a break for a week or two. This will enable then to feel refreshed when their loved one returns home and allows the loved one to interact with a new set of people. 

With this in mind, there are several options out there for you to choose from when it comes to caring for your family as they get further into their retirement. Where will you be beginning?

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  • In modern society, various care options are available for elderly relatives. One option is long-term care, often provided in a residential setting such as a nursing home or assisted living facility. This type of care focuses on addressing the needs of those with chronic physical, mental, and emotional conditions that require extensive assistance on a daily basis. Another option is short-term care, which can be provided at an elder’s home or in a specialised residential setting.